The day a ‘very well known store selling computers’ made me cry….

So obviously this may at a first glance appear like a rant but it actually clearly demonstrates the importance of how we treat people.

IT is not one of my strongest points and I get by but understanding technicalities of clouds etc these days I leave to the experts. This is were it all went horribly wrong, dealing with the ‘experts’.
It was a routine visit and pretty straight forward but then single handily the advisor started to question my opinions and facts and at some points even accused me of lying.
This is were the old brain injury kicked into action. I was doubting myself. Had I done something wrong (I was pretty sure I did have an iTunes account and hadn’t downloaded 5000 songs illegally as I honestly would not have a clue how too) and was I forgetting things (actually no my voicemail history backed up my story) but still I was left feeling bullied and vulnerable with a member of staff and a manager virtually reading me the riot act. My confidence obviously wasn’t as strong as I thought it was and I was left feeling vulnerable. I didn’t have the energy to fight anymore so I surrended and left deflated.
It’s pretty pants when your self confidence takes a bashing so that’s just another one to add to that long frustrations list.
Maybe people need to be just a little bit kinder as you never know who you are dealing with…?

The day a ‘very well known store selling computers’ made me cry….

2 thoughts on “The day a ‘very well known store selling computers’ made me cry….

  1. Karen Riley says:

    Hi Tamsyn,

    I recently met your lovely mum at a retreat and she gave me the contact for your blog. I am totally bowled over by both your endurance and humour throughout your writing. I am truly sorry this injury has happened to you and I’m sure anyone reading your story would wish they could take it away from you. I hope the blogging helps you on a personal level but you really are raising awareness of the plight of those with brain injuries and the often unseen difficulties they face – and their carers too. You sound like a wonderfully caring mum to your beautiful daughter and cat:-). Hope your cat doesn’t get under your feet as much as our Cocker Spaniel! Please keep blogging when you feel able as it would be lovely to share your journey. I hope you are feel well at the moment and enjoying some of the rays we are getting at the moment.

    Much love,

    Karen xxx

    PS Which charity supports your cause? Thanks.

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    1. Hi Karen,

      Thankyou so much for getting in touch. Am so pleased you liked the blog. It has just started to be published for Headway Essex which is very exciting so hopefully it will reach further afield.

      Tamsyn x


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