Camping….. An interesting proposition!

Anyone that knows me will agree that I am not one of nature’s natural campers. I’m okay with that and that’s were I intended to leave it. However in the spirit of pushing myself the idea to camp from Carer number 1 was put into action!
Well, the experience generally involved various obstacles at every turn.  There were guide robes tripping me up at every given opportunity (at one point I was convinced they were almost following me!),  navigating by torch light (not overly successful), attempting to dress in a restricted space and the walls move when you go to steady yourself ; and I completely refuse to even attempt sitting on a bucket toilet! To top it all off who decided to make mosquito repellent oily ?! This turned walking in flip flops into an extreme sport! 
Being completely honest, it didn’t work full stop. It was a struggle and struggles cause grumpy monkeys. I would join the group for the days but retired to home comforts come nightfall. Frustratingly it’s now really not for me. Brain injuries don’t like challenges and guide ropes on their own are not friends of those with balance problems. We do need to challenge ourselves but maybe not so much on holidays?
This is obviously my own experience so please just take it with a pinch of salt. Camping is not for wimps (I officially put myself in this class).
The saving grace from the whole experience was that the company was fantastic; and finally I reluctantly admit that it can at some points be very relaxing sitting in a field, chatting and embracing a bit of nature 😊

Camping….. An interesting proposition!

2 thoughts on “Camping….. An interesting proposition!

  1. barbara says:

    And I thought you were ready to buy your own special bed!!! You did fantastically and as said the main thing is you make it work for you. Come down for the days and leave while it’s light! The kids had a ball and I am sure next year will be just as fun especially only 10 minutes away from home????


  2. Natalie says:

    Sounds like a good challenge that you completed lets just tick that one of the list as completed and never to be attempted again! Well done happy camper! Xx


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