When the going gets tough the tough panic and get a personal trainer…..

Following on from being wildly positive and deciding not to rollover some bright spark came up with the suggestion of a personal trainer. Apparently the idea is to optimise what I can do!

At this point it is probably wise to revisit the points that firstly remaining upright is a daily struggle and secondly brain shunts are affected by the weather let alone exertion. However a brave sole has taken me on and even predicts some level of success.
We did have a conversation about core strength. I tried and am still trying to convince him I have a core of steel under the lets call them insulation layers. I keep myself upright everyday with my core but there are definitely more core muscles than I had originally thought. Things that were difficult before had now become difficult but painful (in the most positive light of course).

So, the first session has happened. It was incredibly nerve wracking and I had no idea how someone improves someone’s mobility when every step is unpredictable. Well, all I can say is the next morning I felt muscles that I never knew existed. I can now see why doing nothing is never a good idea. It felt good though and reluctantly but in the most optimistic mindset I had booked a course.

I feel a journey coming on here, let’s hope it’s not too bumpy….

When the going gets tough the tough panic and get a personal trainer…..

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