Never going to get better?!

So, I have been on a break from my blog lately due to rather inconvenient weeks in hospital and general life being a bit hard. Nothing massively serious just random inconvienences like getting up every day and making it through the day which genuinely seems to be getting harder. Who knew it was so easy to fall over nothing! 

Back to the title of my blog! Yes it’s true, apparently I am not going to get better and am likely to deteriorate which wasn’t the most motivating of consultant appointments. I had kind of known this was coming one day but it’s not great being made official. 

So, what did I do with this news. I absolutely had a mini breakdown for a few hours which involved near wailing and publically breaking down all of which wasn’t overly attractive. I didn’t actually consciously feel that upset about the situation but my subconscious obviously had a few things to say about it.

When I pulled myself together with a little help from my friends and a plentiful supply of prosecco, my stubbornness kicked in and am frankly of the opinion that I can’t deteriorate . Maybe slightly optimistic but am willing to give it a bash. Who knew that my stubborn nature could one day be so useful.

It’s going to be a tough road but hopefully now I have kicked my writers block I can log the journey…….

Never going to get better?!

5 thoughts on “Never going to get better?!

  1. barbara says:

    Go girl! Looking forward to, no doubt,many amusing posts re. your battle to prove them wrong .And tactless, and uncaring, demotivating and so on. You know who I mean?xxxxx


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