Fully paid up new member of the Lycra crew πŸŽ€

Well, this is a bit of a surprise, writing a blog post about a trip to the gym! Carer No 2 booked me up for an induction so I was commited! There was a certain amount of grumpiness attached to this on my behalf. 

It wasn’t a fantastic start. Attempting to put trainers on ( bending is a bit of an issue!) let alone walk in them. Frustratingly balance is often a problem with brain injury and walking  in these trainers felt like I was trying to mountaineer across a field of jelly. After a bit of practice I was however off and walking.

Considering four years ago I couldn’t walk it was quite exciting to get on a treadmill. I had a handle to hold so I could balance and when I got going,  the feeling of my muscles actually working was amazing. They also really ached but it was a good ache and an ache I haven’t felt in a long time. I managed 15 minutes, walked 1.3km and loved it. 

In true Tam style I obviously had a couple of mini dramas. Firstly it is really quite difficult to pull down your top that is slowly riding up when you needed to hang on for dear life. Secondly after the workout I had to get off the treadmill. My damaged cerebellum was obviously incredibly cross at this new found activity and I could easily have been mistaken for someone stumbling out of a nightclub at 3am. I think I’ll have to rule out the opportunity  of meeting the future love of my life at the gym!

The best thing about this fitness lark I have discovered is that you can don your gym clothes at a seconds notice and look relatively okay stepping out. It’s a revelation! A no make up, comfortable shoe, elastic waistband outfit and no one gives you a second look. I’m beginning to like this gym business! x

Fully paid up new member of the Lycra crew πŸŽ€

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