So I have been a bit quiet on my blog at the moment as nothing has really compelled me to share my experiences. Well quite a lot has but that’s for another day!

  Oddly enough I have been ‘managing’ and to be perfectly honest life at the moment could almost be classified as ‘normal’. This is when I realised I had something to write about! Normal, that is not a word I have used a lot recently!

So why is normal such as alien concept? This has baffled me but it’s because my normal now is not the same as my normal four years ago. I cling on to my ‘norm’ from before my injury and so everything now seems different. I push myself to enjoy my old norms and can often trip up. I am having to realise that I am normal for me now. I need to get to know the new me which appears to surprise me on a daily basis. I make myself laugh sometimes as I am starting to find myself quite interesting ( if I do say so myself!). I am also seeing things that I need to do differently and understanding why I do things. I am slowly learning to manage ‘me’ and am embracing rather than resisting changes. 
The main thing I am coming to terms with is that I am normal (well I’m sure there maybe be a couple of objections to this view) . When I walk into a room I am Tamsyn now. I think when I walk into a room I am Tamsyn with a brain injury. In reality this is just me now. I am still learning every day but that’s becoming the norm rather than the focus .



One thought on “Normal?!

  1. barbara says:

    Here here. Just been at a conference with a very positive speaker. An ex soldier blown up in Iraq. He reminds me of James Cracknell with the same kind of fighting spirit. Probably both the same kind of age too. He said if he hadn’t fought to live a “normal” life they might have well done the full job?
    His journey was a well supported one by the military but towards the end of his service he had a huge breakdown. Not so much from the injury but the things that happened after it? So many stories like that.


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