‘Grumpy monkey’ is putting it mildly!

Tiredness is such a useless word in the world of neurology.  It most likely fulfils the criteria for a new addition to the Oxford dictionary. A new word needs to be invented that summarises that sometimes with a neurological disorder you feel absolutely ridiciously,  physically, mentally, subconsciously and consciously completely exhausted but not to the point that you can just crumble into a million pieces  but to the point were you don’t know what mood you are in, you potentially will laugh or cry inappropriately, you absolutely cannot be bothered to think anymore, fun things seem like too much effort, you are too tired to function but that’s all well and good because frankly you just need to get on with it. This comes with a free topping that there isn’t a pill you can pop to manage it. Recovery is not a choice it just likes to play hide and seek and if you don’t find it it will find you and so the cycle starts again.

A person with a brain injury can feel like this after even the simplest of tasks. They will still function and it won’t be hugely visible and they will hide it. Tolerance is a virtue but unfortunately it is non negotiable for all parties, obviously often very much easier said rather than done!

‘Grumpy monkey’ is putting it mildly!

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