New toy!

My new barometer is up and working. Am incredibly excited!

I imagine you are thinking, ‘ah bless she doesn’t get out much!’ But it really is!

I have a shunt called Tom in my head that helps to stop too much swelling. If there is too much or too little pressure my neurological symptoms worsen dramatically. 

It was named Tom in an attempt to explain to my then 3 year old why Mummy had to go into hospital and that we have to be careful so Tom doesn’t get grumpy. This has quite obviously caused great confusion to many who have congratulated me on my impending arrival when Esme talks about Tom in mummy’s tummy! 

Just to add to the excitement of Tom I can actually hear fluid draining in my head yuk  and am very susceptible to static shocks. Much to the amusement of my  darling child who finds it hilarious to rub balloons on her head to increase static and then touch me, giving me a shock. I mean honestly, as if I don’t have enough to contend with! 

Tom has a mind of his own and is very temperamental. One of the things he is very stroppy about is atmospheric pressure. So there is the exciting part, I am now able to compare shunt performance with weather patterns. This is of course only for my information and unfortunately will not be publishing any clinical data in case anyone was wondering.

Okay I admit it,  you were right I do need to get out more 😉


New toy!

One thought on “New toy!

  1. barbara says:

    Very interesting? Does that mean that others of us could also be affected by pressure change. I remember midwives saying that they would be busy on a full moon?


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