Wouldn’t it be nice to make like a little bit easier?

My new (and essential) mantra in life is to make things as easy as possible. I do this not because I’m being lazy but because everyday simple tasks can actually be very difficult. When things are difficult one becomes reluctant to do them, frustrated and confidence suffers. So what is the solution?

This is going to be a new part of the blog. I will identify products/ideas/pure acts of genius that can make daily living a little easier. Unfortunately I think we will always have to dig deep in order to push ourselves but maybe sometimes there could be a little helping hand 😃

The Folding Cart

from Airs and Graces

When I first saw this I literally got butterflies. I will at this point fully accept the idea that I do need to get out more but let me explain….

How much easier would this make a day out at the park/beach with the kids. It holds up to 70kg which happily covers your camping chairs, picnic blanket, cool box, wind break, buckets and spades, kitchen sink etc. No more bags falling off shoulders or battling with the kids to carry stuff. I actually think this may mean that you can arrive for a day trip actually feeling quite relaxed.

Brain injury people just imagine you wouldn’t have to compromise your balance by trying to remain upright while lugging a windbreak across an uneven surface. Everything is kept together so you don’t have to worry about dropping things. You can take everything you need to, no more sacrificing that comfy camping chair because you can’t carry it.

Carer 1 loves this on a practical and sensible level, Carer 2 is very cool and loves the idea. The care team love this concept so everyone’s a winner. 

What would you use yours for ?

Please visit Airs and Graces site at http://www.airsandgracesuk.com. The lovely Mel runs this family business alongside designing the very cool ‘Picnic Porter’. Take a look for other great ideas xx

Wouldn’t it be nice to make like a little bit easier?

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