Not feeling sorry for myself! 

It’s been a bit of a week and to set the scene the most trivial event was being mistaken as a horse (which is always disappointing!)  by a horsefly and therefore being bitten which was very painful; this, therefore proving that the law of attraction obviously does work because if I am going to insist on being grumpy these things will inevitably happen 🙄

To be very honest I am feeling really rather lost at the moment. Not completely lost but I am just very bored of discovering on a daily basis more obstacles to living with a brain injury. I think I must have hit a wall whereby reality hits and things aren’t going to improve; so you have to accept that life’s going to be hard for a blooming long time. Most days something happens that makes me feel I am being constantly stopped in my tracks and dragged down by my acquired disability and just sometimes maybe we do give up a bit and it does get too difficult. That maybe does sound slightly dramatic in that we don’t just take to our beds and roll over and die (think that probably warrants a do not try this at home warning!) but that we get up, we do what we need to do and that’s all we can do. We don’t have anything left for anything further. I don’t know whether thats frustrating or whether or not I can actually be bothered to be frustrated about it anymore as I obviously will always keep going because I have too so frustration is probably just a waste of time. I would like someone to wave a magic wand and make it all better but that’s probably unlikely to happen ( note the probably, I still have my optimism!). 

A very wise friend told me that I can do anything but I can’t do everything. I just need to find my anything?!

Not feeling sorry for myself! 

One thought on “Not feeling sorry for myself! 

  1. Joanne WOOD says:

    I am having one of those weeks, a year on from brain surgery, I am still adapting to living in dysfunction. Just as I think I maybe getting back to some of the old me, there’s a glimpse of me and then there it is dysfunction! So trying to like the new me instead.


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