Coping (or the general lack of it!)

I think I can safely say I can pretty much be useless at coping. I do absolutely cope with the big stuff, it’s the little stuff that can and does make life just that little bit more tricky.

Take just a normal day. I have a hospital appointment to attend and a lovely supper with friends to look forward too. How lovely. However due to lack of organisational skills I have left some homework from a course I am doing to the last minute, I had completely forgotten we had to bring along a sharing plate the next day, the things I had planned are having to be moved around and the last incident nearly toppled me over the edge. That horrible mental whirl and lack of ability not to panic is not a good start to today (and it’s only 9am). I’ve still got to get dressed etc and am becoming less motivated by the minute.

These problems are trivial everyday things that have simple solutions ( when one is calm and takes a step back ) but it’s the juggling and planning that’s doesn’t come easy to us. The ability to remain calm and take a step back is such a physical and emotional action so can often be a hard step to make. The heaviness of mental flooding literally does make my head feel heavy.
Even more frustratingly I could normally emotionally eat my way through the frustrations but am cutting back so that’s not been a great help 🙉🙈.
Ps word of the day is quite obviously ‘frustration’ today.

Coping (or the general lack of it!)

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