A relaxing potter in the garden….

What could be nicer than a potter in the garden to cool down after a hot day? I am envisaging a recliner, a G&T and a bit of therapeutic dead heading, bliss!

Can you guess what I am going to say next?! Yes, the reality of this was somewhat different. My wonderful care team (who love me for my honesty) have systematically created an assault course of a garden that to a person with a brain injury probably rivals military level courses. 

The first challenge is the paddling pool. Normally generally harmless, unless it is placed under the washing line risking sinking with every load. Who knew laundry could be dangerous. Some may say that this kind of living on the edge makes life exciting. Carer No 1 thinks this type of danger is character building. Carer no 2 has already worked out what to spend the £250 from ‘you’ve been framed’ on.

My amazing neighbours have very kindly given me two recliners. They are extremely comfortable and will be a godsend for the summer. However Carer No 1 got slightly carried away and has left them fully reclined in my exceptionally small garden obviously thinking that my gymnastics abilities from when I was eight are obviously still applicable.

The evening was finally topped off with an electric shock from my plastic chairs. Who knew brain shunts leave you not only with an electric personality but at risk of static shocks from normal everyday household objects. No wonder I have the odd grump.

My evening has been more survival of the fittest rather than gardeners world. It can be jolly frustrating to realise that enjoyable pastimes that seem like simple pleasures can be quite difficult with a brain injury. There of course is always a silver lining to these scenarios, one just has to find their new one.

Who knew that one small garden can make life considerably more difficult for some people. Obstacles don’t just cause falls they can cause you to lose your balance for a split second which frightens the life out of you and affects confidence . They can arouse frustration at your limitations and act as a constant reminder of the difficulties you have.

If you know someone with a brain injury, leaving things lying around will probably mean a lot more to them than a mess.


A relaxing potter in the garden….

4 thoughts on “A relaxing potter in the garden….

  1. barbara says:

    You are such a wimp! All these things left around you are therapeuticall. It’s just you don’t realise the benefits darlink!xxxx


  2. Natalie says:

    Still makes me laugh out loud buying an 8ft pool for a 9ft garden taaha ha!!
    It’s safety near water training!!

    Love carer no:3 (the best one as I wasn’t mentioned) xx


  3. barbara says:

    Waiting with trepidation for your next blog. You make me chuckle Tams and more so, I learn more about your condition each time you blog? Please post more. Much more interesting than the Daily Mail!


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