Does my cat know something I don’t!?

A bit of a random post tonight but I have just been thinking about our Pets reaction to one having a brain injury. Our pets especially cats and dogs are supposed to know when we are not right even before we do.

This theory has troubled me tonight as I am sure my Cat (the gorgeous Bob) is attempting to commit euthanasia by tripping me up at every given opportunity! He is literally attached to my feet and this is fuelling my suspicions! Is this a case of survival of the fittest and Bob is seeing my weaknesses. Is he asserting his position as the alpha male (on that note I am female but he has had his bits done so we are pretty much on par!). I’ve never really thought of being viewed as weak (due to having a brain injury) by the animal kingdom but it is actually now becoming a worry. 

On that note I am going to avoid a safari trip for the time being just to be on the safe side and maybe think about getting out more to avoid any future lightbulb moments of this kind x


 Butter wouldn’t melt – huh!  

Does my cat know something I don’t!?

4 thoughts on “Does my cat know something I don’t!?

  1. barbara says:

    He’s just interested in being part of your physio. Getting you to work your balance etc? Have you thought of joint cat and owner yoga?


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