How rude!

Writing this blog is really making me examine how I live my everyday life and this scenario can only be explained by an example! That’s the Law degree background coming into use!

I was out for dinner with a group of some of my favourite people ( they will obviously be anonymous for the purposes of fairness). It was an early dinner, the food was nice , the setting lovely and the people great, I was having a great time. Then bang after dinner that was it. My attention span ran out and the happy go lucky life and soul of the party quickly became agitated, disinterested and preoccupied with nothing in particular. To put it in a nutshell I came across as rude. 

This is a reason for this blog. I am absolutely not in any form rude and I would be devastated to think I had upset anyone by my change in persona. Please realise at this point I cannot concentrate anymore on conversation, I am tired of making sure my words come out properly, I am finding it difficult sitting in a chair that I don’t feel safe in (that’s my dodgy balance) and I have had to put full efforts op into holding my knife and fork politely alongside praying that I don’t dribble my sauce down my chin. Just to top it all off my swallowing is compromised so I often feel like I choke when I eat or drink. Apart from that I have fully enjoyed myself .

What to do in this situation? Luckily in this situation we could end the evening and head back home having had a lovely time. This lead me to thinking what could have helped in this situation? Becoming a recluse is not an option! In conclusion one just needs to get on with it. It would be great however to know that my company didn’t bat an eyelid because that’s just me taking another baby step in understanding and trying to be Tamsyn.



How rude!

4 thoughts on “How rude!

  1. barbara says:

    So, you threw a glass of wine over someone, bottom burped maybe? I am sure you were the lady albeit with the wonderful straight talking opinions we all love to hear from you? A fence sitter? Never!

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  2. Jan Spikethetrike says:

    try not to worry about it, your true friends will understand, been in the same situation myself, and I won’t tell you what comes out of my mouth, only happens when tired and to much things happening around me, the brain goes into overload, xxx

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