Mobility aid πŸ™ˆ

I am obviously subconsciously incredibly vain. I love my clothes, bags and make up and try not to look too shabby on a daily basis ; so being told I had to have a walking frame did not go down overly well.
I have a brain injury and am at huge risk from falls which could and is quite likely too cause further damage. So obviously, taking this into account it’s a no brainer (that pun was not intended but did make me chuckle), I need to use a frame.
However, using a frame I would look disabled. People would look at me differently.
The reality is that firstly people stop me constantly as my walker is very cool and people love the concept of a mobility aid that is stylish yet practical; or people come across very perplexed as they can’t really understand why a wannabe trendy 34 year old would be using a walking frame. I can almost see them trying to work out what is wrong with me. However the moral to this story is that in reality no one is particularly bothered about whether I have a frame or not and that actually I am now safe when out and about, I can do so much more and frankly needed a little bit of getting over myself.

In a nutshell, feeling safe is a game changer. 
In reality, the people we worry are judging us are probably only worrying about something they are self conscious about so really we should just do less worrying.

Mobility aid πŸ™ˆ

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