It’s hard staying positive ðŸ˜•

I surprise myself sometimes how I get up in the morning and cope with life but some days like today it just gets a lot harder.

Please don’t think this is a bid for sympathy , it’s an outburst of emotion to show that sometimes one does let down their guard because you can’t physically or emotionally hold it up any longer. 

Apparently we can be assured that this is quite normal and it is okay to not cope sometimes.

I’m not having a breakdown just a temporary loss of emotional control resulting in the odd snort and over reaction.

On the plus side a lovely gentleman caught me today when I threw myself at him on a whim. The truth to this is that I fell over and luckily the poor unsuspecting man blocked my fall. 

That is a brain injury in a nutshell, it can be glamourised but sometimes when it’s in black and white it’s a bit rubbish.

It’s hard staying positive ðŸ˜•

One thought on “It’s hard staying positive ðŸ˜•

  1. barbara says:

    Tams, my darling. Can’t take a trip to the Orwell bridge at the moment as we have guests arriving from Italy. I have copied you in regarding technology requirements. Silvio will be sending the samples soon so not a time to sink! If you will go to dodgy Chinese pedicure people it’s not surprising you have a mega foot infection???? It’s called being careful and looking after yourself? Of course the even more dodgy so called NHS people that are supposed to sort out your muscles—-what can I say?
    Hopefully Dad has sorted it? See you tomorrow. Sinking isn’t an option, Esme would be very angry! and you know what that is like?xxxxx


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